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Wii U is a Nintendo brand of an eights-generation video game console with a touchscreen. It was released in 2012 and discontinued in five years. Nintendo is one of the leading gaming companies in the world and has a market value around $40 billion.

Meaning and history

Wii U logo

The Wii U was not the most successful Nintendo console, there were only 15 million units sold worldwide, when PlayStation sells around 60 million per year. But the brand is recognizable and well-known in the gaming industry.

Logo Wii U

During the console’s pre-launch it was known as “Project Cafe” and used black, red and white colors in its logo.

The Wii U was released in two versions — basic and premium. The difference was in the memory capacity and design (white color for the basic version and black — for premium).

Color and font

The brand made its logo universal to suit different backgrounds — its gray and blue color palette symbolizes technological progress and innovations.

The wordmark of the logo is identical to the previous Nintendo console — Wii, the only difference between two emblems is a blue square icon with rounded angles and a letter “U” on it.

Emblem Wii U

The color scheme of the Wii U logo was changed once. In the first version the square icon had a green tone of blue and the same gray.

The Wii gray color is calm and elegant, capable to balance almost any color accent and background. It adds a feel of confidence and strength to the brand.

The typeface of the wordmark is bold and smooth, with the rounded lines of the letters and a slightly extended “W”. The closest font to the Wii U logotype is Continuum, designed by Brøderbund Software.