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Blaupunkt is a German brand of home and car audio equipment manufacturing and designing company. Established in Berlin in 1923 under the name “Ideal”, the brand was acquired by Robert Bosch AG in 1933.

Meaning and history

Blaupunkt Logo history

The company changed its original “Ideal” name to “Blaupunkt” only in 1938, five years after acquisition by Bosch.

“Blaupunkt” means “blue point” in German. The name celebrates the brand’s history, when the company’s quality control inspectors added a “blue dot” quality mark to a product after it was inspected and approved. In the first years after the brand was launched, people simply called it “bluepoint”. That is how the brand was born.

The Blaupunkt logo is a bold all-caps wordmark in classic Italicized serif font executed in black, with a brand’s iconic blue dot on its left.

1924 – 1934

Blaupunkt logo 1924
The very first Blaupunkt logo was just a simple literate representation of the company’s name. A bright medium-blue logotype in a bold sans-serif typeface, with rounded letters and sharp serifs, and a solid blue circle under it, for the dot, or “Punkt”. This emblem stayed with the brand for ten years.

1934 – 1975

Blaupunkt logo 1934
The redesign of 1934 introduced another logo, which remained unchanged until the middle of the 1970s. The logotype was rewritten in a more classy gothic-style typeface, got placed diagonally in the upright direct lion, and enclosed into a circular frame, composed of three thin blue rings. The blue dot was enlarged and placed under the logotype, connected to it by the elongated and emboldened vertical bar of the letter “P”.

1975 – Today

Blaupunkt logo

The logo is usually placed on a white background and has a beautiful color contrast, which makes it one of the most recognizable logos in the industry.

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