The Xdye line was added to the Pull&Bear range in 1998. It focuses on sportier and more technological items. The design was inspired by the icons of 21st-century youth.

Meaning and history


The Xdye logo features nothing but the name of the brand inside a rectangle. The letters stick together. Another peculiar feature is that the “D” and “Y” both have a gap. This simple feature makes the design more distinctive and recognizable.

You can also come across other versions. For instance, the one where the word “Xdye” was given in a generic serif type or the one featuring a stylish script with rounded shapes (it was used for the “Vintage Apparel” line).

What is XDYE?
XDYE is a leading fashion company known for its innovative and futuristic designs. With a focus on blending technology and style, XDYE creates unique clothing and accessories that cater to the modern and tech-savvy consumer. Their products embody a bold and forward-thinking aesthetic that sets them apart in the fashion industry.

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