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Reef is an Argentinian brand of flip-flops manufacturer, which was established in 1984 by brothers Aguerre. The brand is one of the world’s leaders in active summer footwear segment.

Meaning and history

Reef Logo history

Reef is a young brand, created for an active audience, that values freedom and comport. The brand’s logo is composed of a wordmark with an icon on its left.

The bold and confident nameplate is executed in a custom italicized typeface with soft thick lines. The only letter with its corners not rounded is the first “R”. Its left part is straight and strict, which is softened by the brand’s emblem.

The Reef emblem is an oval-framed graphical triangle image, which resembles of water, as the base of the triangle has a little curve on it.

The Reef logo reflects energy and dynamic, while its black and white color scheme shows the brand as strong and reliable, with its emphasis on quality and comfort.

1984 – 2013

Reef Logo 1984

2013 – now

Reef Logo