NXT is the name of an American professional sports TV program held by World Wrestling Entertainment. Under NXT brand, WWE organizes, promotes and shows professional competitions in the field of wrestling. Launched in 2010 and located in Florida, NXT is the largest TV project held by the company. The competitions take place every week. They’re broadcasted in 2-hour episodes, shown on the USA Network Channel.  The host and executive producer of the show is Paul Levesque, a former wrestler, known in the ring as Triple H.

What is the symbol of World Wrestling Entertainment?
The symbol of World Wrestling Entertainment is a stylized edgy “WW” abbreviation accompanied by a bold red stroke. The three elements of the emblem feature clean contours and sharp angles, reflecting the fighting spirit, and determination, and evoking a sense of danger and aggressiveness. The gray, red and black color palette of the symbol only elevates its meanings.

Meaning and history

WWE NXT Logo history
The show had three major changed in its format during the history.

When the show was launched in 2010, it was performed by the wrestlers from three other WWE’s shows – Florida Championship Wrestling (beginners), Raw, and SmackDown (professionals). In every episode, professionals instructed beginners how to fight, taught them some fighting techniques and guided how to perform to the large audience. Then, wrestlers went in the ring and fought for the prize of a contract with WWE and a champion’s match in any show held by the company. This format is known as Original.

In May 2012, NXT launched its new format. The show began inviting more talented wrestlers from Florida Championship Wrestling. The location for the competitions became Full Sail University. This format was developed for the following 9 years. In 2014, NXT streamed their first show named NXT Arrival in WWE Streaming Network. In September 2019, the NXT show moved to the USA Network and was fully renovated into a live, 2-hour program streamed on Wednesday nights.

Finally, in 2021, the modern format of the show appeared. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the budget of the show was decreased, as well as the number of episodes. Many workers and wrestlers were fired. The live episodes themselves would take place in the new place named WWE Performance Center. One of the most popular NXT Series, known as Takeover, was ceased. In February 2021, WWE started their new show replacing NXT – Level Up, streamed on WWE Network and Peacock on February 18.

What is NXT?
NXT is an American TV show carried by WWE Company. The show hosts wrestling competitions with the wrestlers from across the United States. In various 2-hour episodes, you will find numerous desperate fights in which two or more fighters try to crush one another for the main prize – a contract with World Wrestling Entertainment and one champion match in any show held by the organization. The show’s main producer is Paul Levesque.

2010 – 2012

WWE NXT Logo 2010

The initial logotype of the brand featured the brand’s name, written in a vertical inscription. Each letter had a heavy sans-serif typeface with bold shabby letters colored yellow. Also, the letters have a bold black contour. Above the signature, they put the ‘w’ character.

2012 – 2014

WWE NXT Logo 2012

The following logotype showed us the same signature, but the letters received a golden gradient coloring. Also, now there were 2 contours – one black, and one gray. Moreover, the ‘w’ letter was located at the center.

2014 – 2019

WWE NXT Logo 2014

In 2014, they renovated the appearance of the ‘w’ character. Previously, it was sharp and abrupt. Now, it became straighter.

2019 – 2021

WWE NXT Logo 2019

The 2019 logotype featured a horizontal signboard with the brand’s name. They received the same typeface as previously, but the gradient became darker. Also, the two contours received a metallic black style and silver style respectively.


WWE NXT Logo 2021

The next wordmark of the show was a large ‘x’ symbol colored gray. Over it, we can see a creature looking like a bird with large wings. It’s composed of many mechanisms, while at the place of its head they drew a skull. Over the bird, we can see the familiar nameplate. It is styled as a metallic inscription incorporated into a fat black frame with a thin yellow outline

2021 – 2022

WWE NXT Logo 2021
The 2021 logotype features the name in a sharp typeface. It has a colorful palette.

2022 – Today

WWE NXT logo


WWE NXT Symbol

The coloring palette of the 2021 logotype features multiple shades. The letters are painted blue, yellow, pink, red, orange and white. These shades merge with each other and form a memorable design. Generally, the nameplate doesn’t have any background, but in the cases if there is one, its coloring is white.


WWE NXT Emblem

The typeface of the 2021 name caption has capitalized sans-serif letters with sharp ends of each symbol. The characters are joined to each other and form a single signature.