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Topps is a brand of chewing gum manufacturer, which was established in 1938 in the USA. Today the brand produces also candies and collectible baseball and football cards.

Meaning and history

Topps Logo history
The Topps logo is strong and bright and looks good on any colorful packaging of the brand’s products. The wordmark, executed in a custom sans-serif typeface, features lowercase lettering, with the horizontal bar of “T” elongated and finishing only above the first “P” oflogo the nameplate. The seller “S” has its lower bar elongated as well, and it goes until the second “P” vertical bar, leaving enough space for a logo to stay balanced.

What is Topps?
Topps is the name of an American brand of chewing gum, which was established in the United States at the end of the 1930s. Today Topps is one of the leaders in the local market, with its international presence growing daily.

1938 – 1952

Topps Logo 1938

The original Topps logo, designed for the brand in 1938, featured heavy uppercase lettering in a fancy italicized font, set in bold white characters against a solid black rectangle. The count outs of the letters have small, barely visible triangular serifs on their ends, which added uniqueness and sophistication to the stable heavy shapes.

1952 – 1967

Topps Logo 1952
The original Topps logo was created in 1952 and featured a simple and minimalist badge, which evokes a sense of seriousness and stability. It was a black sans-serif lettering in all capital letters, executed in a clean and strict sans-serif typeface with full shapes of the letters and distinct contours. There was a lot of space inside the badge, which made the pretty massive letters look lighter and more balanced. The monochrome color palette of the logo added a sense of strength and a professional approach.

1967 – 1981

Topps Logo 1967
The redesign of 1967 kept the monochrome color palette of the Topps original logo but completely changed its style. The new emblem featured a lowercase sans-serif inscription with the first letter “T” enlarged and stylized. Its tail was elongated and arched, underlining the whole inscription and finishing under the letter “S”.

1981 – Today

Topps logo

The bright red on the white color palette of the Topps logo is a good house for the brand, which products have various bright packaging. The white and red combination looks good with any additional colors and reflects the company’s energy, passion, and warmth.

The Topps logo looks strong and modern due to the sleek powerful lines of the wordmark and the right choice of colors. It is an instantly recognizable visual identity of the brand that is known and loved all over the globe.

Font and Color

The stylized lowercase lettering from the primary Topps logo is executed in a custom sans-serifwith bold geometric contours of the characters. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Liquorstore Bold Italic, or Mesquite Italic, but with the contours of most letters significantly modified.

As for the color palette of Topps’ visual identity, it is composed of just one shade — an intense red, which is usually associated with strength, energy, and passion.

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