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The Pringles logo has had a long history. It has gone through several modifications, but it has always featured the mascot Mr. Pringle and the name of the product.

Meaning and History logo

Pringles logo history

Consumers tasted Pringles for the first time in 1967. But prior to the launch of the product, Procter & Gamble had to come up with a name and a logo for it. What concerns the name, the company borrowed it from the Cincinnati telephone book. There was “Pringle Avenue” in one of the towns, and the word “Pringle” seemed like a great idea.
Mr. Pringle became a symbol of the product. It was a man’s head with parted black hair, eyes, eyebrows and a bushy black moustache. To understand the meaning of this Pringles symbol one should know that Pringles are potato crisps. Though the crisps owe their taste to Alexander Liepa, a P&G researcher, the cartoonish character in the Pringles logo does not look like the man at all, but rather like a potato.
old pringles logo
Pringles was “Pringle’s” in the old logo. It was in yellow color and appeared on Mr. Pringle’s black bow tie.
Beginning with 1986 the name looks like “Pringles”, that is without the apostrophe. The mascot’s eyes changed and he acquired a lower lip.
In 1996 Mr. Pringles lost his rosy cheeks. The mouth became invisible. The head was made wider.
pringles chips logo
In 2002 consumers saw the mascot without the eyebrows, but with a new hairstyle and a red bow tie. The typeface changed. In the previous logos it was uppercase, now only the letter “P” was uppercase.

Current Logo

Pringles logo
The modification of 2009 resulted in a more delighted version of the mascot. The current look of the male head was created by Louis R. Dixon. The head is above the tilted wordmark “Pringles”. There is one more novelty in the emblem ‒ a chip used to dot the letter “i”. The font is like Bodega Sans Medium.
The Pringles logo palette consists of 6 colors. They are Dirty Brown (#B76E23), Chocolate (#744304), Black (#000000), White (#FFFFFF), Lust (#E51B23) and Middle Yellow (#FFEA00). Thanks to red (lust) and yellow the logo attracts attention and keeps it.