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M&M’s is a famous brand of chocolate candies, produced by Mars Company. The label is known for its funny and humorous advertising campaigns and colorful chocolates, which are introduced in two variations — with and without a peanut.

M&M's slogan
  • Melts in Your Mouth, Not in Your Hands.

  • To make that tough job easier you deserve.

Meaning and history

MMS Logo history

The label was introduced in 1941 and for the first design of its visual identity in the same year. The M&M’s logo was always composed of a wordmark with no extra details, the only difference was in the typeface used and the color palette.

1941 – 1954

M&M’s Logo 1941

The first M&M’s logo featured lowercase lettering in a traditional serif-font, which was slightly narrower and stretched in its height. The letter “S” was smaller than “M”s and ampersand. The color palette of the original M&M’s logo was monochrome.

1954 – 1971

M&M’s Logo 1954

The typeface was changed to an uneven hand-drawn style lettering, which featured a yellow color and was placed on a black background. That was the brightest M&M’s logo in the brand’s history.

1971 – 1988

M&M’s Logo 1971

In 1971 the logo changes its color scheme to brown on white and the lettering gains a more confident typeface. This version of the visual identity design stays with the company for 17 years.

1988 – 2001

M&M’s Logo 1988

The darker and more chocolate brown is now the main color of the M&M’s logo. The wordmark features cleaner and stronger lines. It is a simple yet powerful logo, which stays with the brand for the next 13 years.

2001 – 2004

M&M’s Logo 2001

The redesign of 2001 brings a new brighter tone of brown to the M&M’s wordmark. It also features a white and brown outline now, which adds some volume to the logo.

2004 – 2018

M&M’s Logo 2004

In 2004 the M&M’s logo is placed diagonally, the brown is now gradient with a black shadow, which adds dynamics and a modern feeling. The lettering is placed on a white background, that repeats the contour of the wordmark.

2019 – Today

M&M’s logo

The redesign of 2019 brings back the flat two-dimensional shape to the M&M’s logo, making the dark brown the main color of the brand’s palette again. The lettering is still placed diagonally but looks more minimalist and confident now. The ampersand is located over the letters and has a white outline.