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Mövenpick, a renowned name in the world of premium ice creams, focuses on crafting high-quality, indulgent frozen delights with natural ingredients. Currently, its delightful treats are enjoyed globally, with Europe and the Middle East being dominant markets. As part of the Nestlé group, the brand thrives under this multinational’s umbrella, ensuring its rich legacy of taste and quality continues to spread its creamy charm to connoisseurs worldwide. This Swiss brand has positioned itself as a leader in upscale, gourmet ice cream experiences.

Meaning and history

Mövenpick Ice Cream’s journey began in 1948 when Ueli Prager, inspired by a simple philosophy to do ordinary things in an extraordinary manner, founded the Mövenpick brand in Switzerland. Initially, it started as a restaurant chain, offering culinary delights. By the 1960s, aiming to deliver the finest dining experience, Prager introduced Mövenpick Ice Cream.

Crafted using natural ingredients and without artificial additives, it was a hit. The ice cream’s reputation soared, making it a staple in European eateries. This Swiss indulgence soon spread its wings, entering global markets.

In 2003, a significant shift occurred. Nestlé, the world’s largest food company, acquired the Mövenpick Ice Cream segment. With Nestlé’s vast distribution channels and resources, the ice cream’s global presence intensified.

Throughout its journey, production methodologies evolved, always prioritizing quality. From traditional methods to incorporating advanced technologies, the focus remained on preserving the authentic taste.

Mövenpick stands as a symbol of Swiss quality and innovation in the gourmet ice cream sector, a legacy initiated by Prager and magnified by the prowess of Nestlé.


Movenpick Logo

The typography is bold and in uppercase, with the letters “MÖV” uniquely integrated. At the center of the letter “Ö,” there’s a stylized accent resembling a bird or flame, adding a dynamic touch to the design. Overall, the design merges modern typography with a minimalist emblem to convey sophistication and elegance.