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The current name of the athletic program of the University of Wisconsin–Green Bay is the Green Bay Phoenix, while it was previously known as the UW–Green Bay Phoenix and UWGB Phoenix.

Meaning and history

Wisconsin Green Bay Phoenix Logo history

The Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix, originating in 1969, marks the athletic identity of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. This inception coincided with the establishment of the university itself, embedding sports deeply into its culture. The program has flourished, particularly in basketball, where the men’s team etched its name in history with a notable second-round appearance in the 1994 NCAA Tournament. The women’s basketball team has consistently outshined, regularly securing spots in the NCAA Tournament and establishing a legacy in women’s collegiate basketball. Presently, the Phoenix maintains its competitive vigor in the Horizon League, NCAA Division I, emphasizing not only athletic success but also the holistic development of its student-athletes.

What is Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix?
What is the essence of Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix? It represents the athletic prowess of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, competing in NCAA Division I, particularly noted for its basketball achievements. The program stands as a testament to competitive spirit and academic-athlete balance, making significant strides in collegiate sports.

1997 – 2007

Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix Logo-1997On the two previous emblems introduced in 1997 and 2007 respectively, you could see a phoenix.

2007 – 2018

Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix Logo 2007
There is nothing but two letters on the current Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix logo, the “G” and “B.” The first one is positioned slightly higher than the second, which adds some motion and helps to make the design slightly more memorable. The glyphs merge together in a single emblem. They combine two shades of green, a darker and a lighter one.

2018 – Today

Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix logo

The image features a bold, geometric logo composed of interlocking shapes that form the letters “EB.” The design is executed in a rich, dark green shade that conveys growth, stability, and a connection to nature. The construction of the letters is modern and abstract, with sharp angles and straight lines that create a sense of movement and depth. The “E” and “B” are seamlessly integrated, symbolizing unity and strength. The visual impact of the logo is strong and authoritative, designed to leave a lasting impression of professionalism and confidence.

Wisconsin-Green Bay Phoenix Colors

HEX COLOR: #006747;
RGB: (0, 103, 71)
CMYK: (93, 10, 75, 43)

HEX COLOR: #9D2235;
RGB: (157, 34, 53)
CMYK: (7, 100, 68, 32)

RGB: (138, 141, 143)
CMYK: (45, 34, 34, 0)