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Originally, the ice hockey team Chicago Wolves was part of the International Hockey League. It joined the American Hockey League in 2001 when the IHL ceased to exist.

Meaning and history

Chicago Wolves Logo history

1994 — 2001

Chicago Wolves Logo 1994

Back in 1993, Grant Mulvey had an idea of a green-eyed creature to symbolize the new ice hockey team. He told designer Andy Baron about it, and the work on the Chicago Wolves logo started.

The first drafts looked somewhat cartoonish, while Mulvey insisted he wanted something realistic. Eventually, Baron found inspiration in one of the books about wolves he had looked through. Here, a lonely, fierce-looking animal was standing slightly apart from the pack.

2001 — Today

Chicago Wolves logo


Colors Chicago Wolves Logo

Although the list of the colors of the official palette includes burgundy, gold, black, and white, in fact, the logo features a different color scheme. In addition to black and white, it comprises green, red, and grey.