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Egger is an Austrian company, which specializes in the production of wood panels and laminate flooring. The company was established in 1961 in Tyrol and today is one of the European leaders in its segment with more than 15 production facilities in the region and over 20 operating offices on different continents.

Meaning and history

The logo of a reliable European brand is composed of a strong and modern wordmark with a simple emblem on its left. It looks minimalist yet juicy and intense, a perfect reflection of a strong progressive company.

The narrow horizontally elongated rectangle is placed along with the wordmark on its top and colored red, in order to emphasize the passion and energy of the label. And its geometric shape resembles a laminate panel, representing the outside and essence of the company.

The red and black color palette of the brand’s visual identity is a strong traditional combination, symbolizing powerful and dynamic character and stability. Black also points on the professionalism and reliability of the Austrian laminate maker, evoking a sense of authority and seriousness.

The red emblem, placed on the left of a black nameplate depicts a simple letter “E” and works also as a brand’s icon and signifier. Balanced by a rectangle in terms of color and geometry, it looks modern and sharp.

What is Egger?
Egger is the name of one of Europe’s leading companies for the production of wood materials for construction, interior decoration, and furniture. The company was founded in Austria atthe beginning of the 1960s.


The Egger wordmark in all capitals is written in a custom sans-serif typeface, with its lower line straight and distinct and upper corners rounded. The inscription looks futuristic and strong, evoking a sense of an innovative company, which values research above all.

The “E” of the emblem is executed in a traditional sans-serif font, which is very similar to Linotype Killer Regular, with strict lines and straight cuts. It adds dynamics and energy to the whole logo and harmonizes the smooth sleek lines of the main inscription.

egger lopo


Egger is a European provider of wood products for construction and decorative needs. The company’s range includes flooring, coatings, window sills, and other related products. They also provide various services, for example, decor visualization and application consulting.

Global customers of the label include various businesses in furniture, building, and architectural industries. The brand’s products were used for many public spaces across the globe — hotels, shopping malls and airports.

Egger also offers a full range of products for the furniture industry and interior design, suitable for residential use, such as wood constructions and laminate flooring. There is also a wide choice of finishings and decorative solutions for almost all of the brand’s products, so they are a perfect choice for any interior.

The company, founded at the beginning of the 1960s in Tirol, today has 18 production facilities in Europe and operating offices around the world, where almost 10 thousand of the group’s employees work.

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