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Whitey’s Ice Cream, known for its rich flavor profiles and creamy textures, continues to craft premium frozen desserts. Its primary market orbits the Midwest, especially the Quad Cities area. Family-owned, the company maintains a cherished local presence, serving communities through retail shops and wholesale distribution, exuding a legacy of hometown pride and tradition in every scoop.

Meaning and history

Whitey’s Ice Cream has been a bastion of handcrafted frozen treats since its inception in 1933 by Chester “Whitey” Lindgren and Lawrence Lindgren in Moline, Illinois. The brothers infused the company with a commitment to quality, using only the finest ingredients, a practice that remains its cornerstone. The baton of ownership passed in 1953 to John Tunberg and Quinton Hart, who had started as soda jerks at Whitey’s. They scaled the brand while preserving its original charm and recipe integrity.

The Tunberg family retained stewardship, ensuring continuity of Whitey’s heritage. Under their watch, the business expanded, modernized its production, yet remained true to its roots, often leading to the title of “Best in the Midwest.” This growth was not just in scale but in innovation too, adapting to changing tastes and dietary needs without compromising on the homemade essence.

The brand’s expansion into adjacent markets and diversification of products, including a foray into grocery stores, has secured its status as a regional icon. Throughout, Whitey’s has navigated shifts in the economy and consumer behavior, emerging as a celebrated name in American ice cream parlors, a sweet testament to enduring family-run enterprises.


Whitey’s Logo

This emblem is characterized by a fluid, cursive script that suggests creaminess and indulgence, inscribed in a vivacious shade of red. The font has a retro flair, reminiscent of mid-20th century Americana, with the letters ‘W’ and ‘y’ playfully enlarged, giving a friendly and approachable vibe. A sleek red underline with a shadow effect adds depth, enhancing the text’s three-dimensional appearance, which seems to leap forward, inviting a sense of excitement and nostalgia for classic ice cream parlors.