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While being rather consistent in its shape and style throughout its 80-year history, the Krispy Kreme logo hasn’t remained exactly the same.

Meaning and history


Krispy Kreme Logo history

For the company, which is on the international market for more than 80 years, Krispy Kreme is impressively conservative with its visual identity design. The famous doughnut brand uses the logo, introduced in 1937, with only slight modifications, made in 2017.

The logo, created for the company in 1937 featured a geometric badge in white and green, where the bottom line was thickened, and the upper one created an angle, making the right and left sides of the emblem spread and resemble stylized wings.

1978 – 1991

Krispy Kreme Logo 1978

1991 – 2017


Krispy Kreme Logo 1991

The main wordmark was placed in the middle of the badge, executed in a custom cursive font with the lines of both “K”s elongated to the right. The left line had a spot outlined in white on it, above the letter “I”.

The “Doughnuts” part of the nameplate was written in white capitals in a simple and clean sans-serif along the green bottom line of the badge.

2017 – Today

The redesign of 2017 refined the lines of the inscription and brought only one noticeable change to the Krispy Kreme logo — its thick green bottom line is now replaced by a stretched banner with rounded angles, which is placed on a thin line. It is colored in green and has the same white “Doughnuts” lettering in it, but a more compact one, with less space between the letters.

The green, red and white color palette is not only a stylish and bright combination, which makes the logo stand out but also a reflection of love, passion, and success, the qualities the brand values most.

“KK” symbol

Krispy Kreme Symbol

Another emblem used by the company sports two letters “K” looking like two crowned manikins wearing shoes. Both of them are “holding” doughnuts in their “hands” (the top left ends of the “K” glyphs). The symbol can sometimes be seen above the primary wordmark logo.


krispy kreme Emblem

The current emblem is an updated version of the original one. It still features a beautiful handwritten script. Now, both the letters “K” have their top left ends extended, while the line below the text has disappeared. Below the red lettering “Krispy Kreme,” there’s the word “doughnuts” in white on the green background. The wordmark is placed inside a green frame looking like the top of an open book or open wings.


krispy kreme symbol

The Krispy Kreme logo appears to have been drawn by hand as it’s impossible to find a font that looks exactly the same. However, such types as Futura Bold and FreeHand 521 look somewhat similar.