Krispy Kreme Logo

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krispy kreme logo
While being rather consistent in its shape and style throughout its 80-year history, the Krispy Kreme logo hasn’t remained exactly the same.

Meaning and History logo

Krispy Kreme logo history

The company dates its history to 1937. The earliest logo featured the brand name in a curvy script. The top left end of the first “K” was stretched so as to cover both the words. The final “e” had its end stretched in the opposite direction. As the result of it, the wordmark was seen between two horizontal lines. The emblem has been slightly modified over time.

“KK” symbol

krispy kreme symbol
Another emblem used by the company sports two letters “K” looking like two crowned manikins wearing shoes. Both of them are “holding” doughnuts in their “hands” (the top left ends of the “K” glyphs). The symbol can sometimes be seen above the primary wordmark logo.


krispy kreme Emblem
The current emblem is an updated version of the original one. It still features a beautiful handwritten script. Now, both the letters “K” have their top left ends extended, while the line below the text has disappeared. Below the red lettering “Krispy Kreme,” there’s the word “doughnuts” in white on the green background. The wordmark is placed inside a green frame looking like the top of an open book or open wings.


The Krispy Kreme logo appears to have been drawn by hand as it’s impossible to find a font that looks exactly the same. However, such types as Futura Bold and FreeHand 521 look somewhat similar.