Kit Kat Logo

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Kit Kat Logo
Those who are used to the way the Kit Kat bar looks in the United States might be surprised by its package and, possibly, even taste in other countries. The packages are different, as are the manufacturers: in the US, the confection is made H.B. Reese Candy, which is part of Hershey, while Kit Kat sold in other countries is made by Nestlé.

Meaning and history

Kit Kat logo history

The name of the product, which was to become Kit Kat, was originally just Chocolate Crisp. It was introduced by Rowntree in 1935. As soon as in two years, an elliptical white logo with red letters appeared. It looked very much like the current Nestlé Kit Kat logotype.

Old packages (Rowntree’s)

old kit kat logo
Because of the ingredients shortage resulting from the World War II, Rowntree modified the recipe. A brand-new package was introduced, blue with bold letters. The words “Chocolate Crisp,” as well as the oval, were gone.
As soon as in 1949, though, the elliptical logo was back, in a slightly modified design.


Kit Kat symbol
When the brand was purchased by Nestlé in 1988, the logo was modified once again. The letters grew bolder, the parent company name appeared above the ellipse, which acquired an additional frame. A brighter shade of red was introduced.
As a result of the 1995 redesign, the logo adopted a more playful look, with the lettering slanted upwards.


Kit Kats emblem
Hershey got a license to make and sell Kit Kat in the US in 1969. Ever since, both the package and advertising within the country was different from those used abroad. For decades, the brand name was given in white letters with a black frame, against a simple red background. Since 2002, the packages of the Kit Kats sold by Hershey also feature the ellipse shape, like Nestlé Kit Kats, yet the color scheme is slightly different, as well as the glyphs.


kit kat logo font
One of the features differentiating Nestlé Kit Kat logo from the Hershey’s counterpart is the typeface. Nestlé uses a more playful and friendly type with two different “K’s” and a 3D effect, while on the Hershey’s product package, the letters are flat, bold, and rather straightforward.