Cinnabon Logo

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Cinnabon Logo
Cinnabon is a brand of American bakery, famous for its cinnamon bun rolls. The company was founded in 1985 and today has over one thousand locations in almost 50 countries across the globe.

Meaning and history

Cinnabon Logo history

The Cinnabon visual identity is elegant and timeless. Based on a framed wordmark it looks solid and remarkable.
All capital letters of the Cinnabon inscription are executed in a fine and sophisticated sans-serif typeface with an elongated and curved upper part of the letter “C”. The bottom part of the Cinnabon “B” is rounded and resembles a brand’s famous roll.
The white and blue color palette of the Cinnabon logo looks elegant and traditional, evoking a welcoming and reliable feeling. The thin light blue contouring of a curved frame adds freshness and lightness to the logo, while the deep blue of the background shows the brand as the one that values its clients and quality.
Cinnabon Logo
The Cinnabon logo looks good on all the brand’s packaging and on websites. It is eye-catching and remarkable. The brand’s logo’s simplicity makes it timeless and confident, showing the company’s traditional fundamental approach to providing the best services.