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WeWork is the name of a real estate developer, which was established in 2010 in the United States and today successfully operates all over the globe providing office spaces for people of different professions and needs. The real estate fund of the company is estimated as almost 5 mil square meters of offices in different cities of the world.

Meaning and history

WeWork logo

The visual identity of the development company hasn’t changed since the day of its introduction in 2010, as initially it was designed as a timeless and always actual badge, plus its monochrome color palette makes it suitable for any background and occasion.

WeWork has two official logos, which are very alike, though used for different needs. The main element of the company’s visual identity is a bold and sleek logotype, which can be written in Blackmon on a white background, or set in white letters and placed on black.

The inscription is written in the lowercase of a smooth and massive serif typeface with thick serifs and rounded edges of the letters. It looks solid and stable, though the soft lines evoke a friendly feeling and make the wordmark look sophisticated and fine despite its visible simplicity.

The second version of the WeWork logo is used for web and mobile apps icons and as the brand signifier. It is composed of just two letters, “We”, which are written in the same style and color scheme as the main logotype, though are closed into a thick circular frame. There are also two options of colors — white on black, and black on white.

logo WeWork

The minimalist approach and attention to the smallest details make the WeWork logo a state of modern art and show how simple things can look sleek and outstanding when executed right.