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Trunki, a distinguished brand in the travel industry, specializes in creating innovative and entertaining ride-on suitcases for children. Originating from the UK, it has rapidly expanded, making a mark in global markets, particularly Europe and Asia. These cases, designed to make travel fun for kids and convenient for parents, showcase a blend of functionality and creativity. Currently, Trunki operates as an independent entity with Rob Law at its helm, having been the visionary founder. The brand’s essence is to revolutionize family travel, blending utility with a splash of joy.

Meaning and history

Trunki, today a renowned name in children’s travel gear, had humble beginnings. Launched by Rob Law in 2006, the brand’s inception was marked by a unique vision: to make traveling an exciting adventure for children. The inspiration struck Law during his university days, leading to the creation of a ride-on suitcase for kids.

The brand’s journey wasn’t always smooth. In 2006, Law pitched Trunki on the UK television show “Dragons’ Den.” Despite an initial rejection, the exposure brought Trunki into the limelight. Instead of deterring Law, the setback fueled his determination, and soon, Trunki’s sales skyrocketed.

As demand grew, Trunki expanded its manufacturing from China to the UK in 2012. This strategic shift was not just about tapping into the ‘Made in Britain’ label but was also a move to enhance product quality and reduce carbon footprint.

Over the years, Trunki continued its expansion across the globe. Its product line diversified, introducing new designs, collaborations, and accessories, further entrenching its presence in the children’s travel segment.

Ownership of the company remained consistent, with Rob Law at the heart of its operations. His leadership ensured that Trunki maintained its core values, even amidst its exponential growth. Law’s tenacity, combined with an unwavering focus on innovation, cemented Trunki’s reputation as a trailblazer in the industry.

Today, Trunki stands as a testament to perseverance and innovation, a brand that transformed the mundane task of travel into a delightful experience for children worldwide.


Trunki Logo

The logo showcases the brand name “trunki” in a playful, chunky blue font. Each letter is designed with gentle curves, giving it a friendly and approachable look. A unique touch is added with a whimsical pink arc hovering above the ‘r’ and ‘u’, reminiscent of a child’s toy or perhaps a rainbow. At the upper right, a small emblem of a smiling face inside a pink circle accompanies the final ‘i’ in “trunki”. This emblem exudes childlike joy, further enhancing the brand’s association with kids. Below the brand name, the slogan “Get set. Go!” is written, using a mix of blue for “Get set.” and vibrant pink for “Go!”, urging young adventurers to embark on their journeys. The overall design radiates fun, enthusiasm, and a youthful spirit.

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