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Taç is the name of a textile producer, which was established in the middle of the 1970s in Turkey. Today the brand has its bedding and towels distributed in many countries around the globe. Taç is owned by Zorlu Textile Group.

Meaning and history

Taç is one of the most famous Turkish textile brands, which is most known for its bed lining and towels. The brand sells its products across stores across the globe, and also works with large hotel and restaurant chains, providing them with textile goods of high quality.

Apart from bedding and towels, the brand offers a wide range of textiles for home decorating. The collections of Taç are being updated quite often, so everyone can find textiles for them.

What is Taç?

Taç is a Turkish brand, which specialized in the production of textile items, such as bed linens and towels. The brand was established in 1974 and today is owned by Zorlu Textile Group.

As for the visual identity of the Turkish textile producer, it was created years ago and still looks bright and confident.

The 1990s – Today

Taç Logo

The Taç logo features a simple waving banner, with dark red as the main color and two gray stripes, framing it horizontally. The white uppercase logotype is set over the red part of the badge. The inscription is set in a bold serif typeface with thick lines and elongated massive serifs.

The simple color palette looks strong and confident, and the classy timeless typeface of the logotype only elevated these two qualities. Red on the logo of the Turkish textile manufacturer represents power and reputation, while gray points to stability and reliability, and white — loyalty of the brand to its clients.