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In this article, we will trace the evolution of the logo of the American company Hallmark Cards, Inc. The logo of the Hallmark Channel is based on the same wordmark with the addition of the word “Channel.”

Meaning and history

Hallmark Logo history


Hallmark Logo 1910

In 1907, brothers Joyce Clyde Hall, William Hall, and Rollie Hall founded the Norfolk Post Card Company. The older logo featured the lettering “Hall Bro’s.” The first word was given in a highly decorative script inspired by handwriting, while “Bro’s” was given in a simpler serif type.


Hallmark Logo 1917

According to some sources, the first Hallmark logo actually featuring the word “Hallmark” appeared in 1917, while other sources claim it appeared on products for the first time only in 1925. The name was inspired by the old practice of “hallmarking” jewelry as an indication of its high quality.

In contrast to the previous “handwritten” logo, this one featured glyphs separated from one another by white spaces. The word “Hallmark” was given in a sans serif type, while the characters in the word “Cards” had serifs.

Hallmark Emblem


Hallmark Logo 1923

While the greeting cards featured the logo including the word “Hallmark,” there was also an alternative logo showcasing the lettering “Hall Brothers” in a creative type. To each of the words, a long bar with arrows on both ends was added.


Hallmark Logo 1949

The logo now featured the lettering “A Hallmark Card” in a style looking pretty similar to that on the previous version.


Hallmark Logo 1952

This is when the iconic “crowned” logo was born. The design team was led by a New York-based lettering artist and designer Andrew Szoeke. He started working on the project in 1949. While the “handwritten” wordmark topped with a five-point crown was trademarked in 1950, it was only in 1954 that the official name of the company became Hallmark Cards, Inc.


Hallmark Logo

The Hallmark logo went through a subtle update making the script lighter and the crown larger.