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Google Home is the name of the Home assistant, introduced by Google in May 2016 at the Google I/O developer conference in California. It is a speaker with a built-in voice assistant, Google Assistant, which communicates with and works with your Android and iOS smartphone. Being designed for the American market, today the software is used by people from all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Google itself is positioning Home as a universal device, which helps to get answers to your questions using your voice, as well as control other home devices, such as turning on and off the lights or playing video on a TV with Chromecast or Android TV connected. Oddly enough, the most frequently used function of this platform is music playback.

In fact, the capabilities of the column are huge and the total number of available commands is more than a million. A special site, Google Assistant Explore, has been created to catalog them. And every day new functions are added, because the platform is open, and any programmer can add their programs for Google Home. Even now you can search and order airline tickets, check train and subway schedules (in some cities around the world), find out stock quotes, manage your household budget, and more.

Since it is a pretty fresh and innovative product of Google, the Home software’s logo hasn’t been redesigned much yet. The original badge, created in 216 is still in use by Google Home, and it perfectly reflects the naming and purpose of the app, as well as its affiliation to the mother company.

Google Home Logo

The Google Home logo, designed in 216, features a simple and schematic, yet bright, contoured image of a house, composed of four fragments: yellow, green, red, and blue (from the smallest to the largest). All the outer angles of the contour are smoothened, but the smaller house, seen in the negative space is clean and sharp. The graphical emblem is used by the software for almost all the needs, although there is also a logotype, which can be seen near the icon or on its own.

The Google Home logotype is written in one line, in the title case of a simple sans-serif typeface, with the “Google” part made bolder. Both parts of the inscription feature medium-gray shade, but the first is a bit darker. There is quite a lot of space between the words, which makes the lettering look balanced and strict.

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