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The history of the Switzerland-based company Weatherford International plc dates back to 1941. It was founded in Weatherford, Texas, by Jesse E. Hall Sr. Today, it is a multinational oil and gas company known as one of the world’s largest companies within this industry.

Meaning and history

Weatherford logo

Similar to quite a few modern logotypes, the Weatherford logo consists of two elements: the emblem and the wordmark.

The emblem, which is placed on the top, looks like an arrow made up out of blocks. The arrow directed downwards is a symbolic representation of working with oil and natural gas wells – the sphere for which Weatherford provides its products.

Weatherford Logo

The wordmark, which can be seen below the emblem, features a simple sans. The letters are placed pretty close to each other, which can be explained by the need to make the long name of the company look more compact. Also, all the letters except the initial are lowercase.

Versions of the emblem

The primary Weatherford logo combines the maroon emblem with the black writing. The background is white. Also, the company sometimes uses different color schemes depending on the visual context. For instance, when the logo is placed on the glass surface, it can be silvery.

Typically, the logo is used in its full form. But it is also possible to see the maroon emblem used without the wordmark, for instance as a favicon on the website.