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State Grid Corporation of China LogoState Grid Corporation of China Logo PNG

State Grid, also known as State Grid Corporation of China, or, SGCC, is China’s and the world’s largest electricity supplier. The corporation’s branches distribute electricity throughout the country. Established in 2002, today the State Grid Corporation serves not only China but also six other countries, including Italy, Portugal, and Brazil.

Meaning and history

In 2016, the Corporation ranked third in the top 500 brands in Asia The updated list includes 20 countries and territories in the region, with China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea being the largest. In addition to State Grid, the top ten also include Sony, Toyota, China Industrial and Commercial Bank /ICBC/, Samsung, Chinese Internet giant Tencent and telecommunications company Huawei, and others.

State Grid Corporation of China Logo

The State Grid Corporation of China visual identity is a very decent and confident representation of the influence, reputation, and power. The solid green emblem and logotype, placed on its right, reflect the stability of the corporation and its energy focus.

Font and color

State Grid Corporation of China Font

The full logo version of the State Grid Corporation of China has two wordmarks on it — the main one, set in three horizontal lines on the right from the circular emblem, and the one, outlining the emblem. Both are written in English and Chinese and use the same fonts. The Chinese name of the company is executed in medium-weight lines, while the English use a bold serif typeface, which is very close to such classic fonts as ITC Bookman and Bookman Old Style.

As for the color palette of the State Grid Corporation of China’s visual identity, it is based on a calm and medium-dark shade of green and white accents. Green is the symbol of energy, growth, and new life, which is very symbolic, considering the industry the corporation specializes in.

State Grid Icon

State Grid Corporation of China Icon

The State Grid a corporation of China icon is actually the same as the graphical emblem on the left of the wordmark in the official logo — a green sphere with four white orbits, crossing in the bottom left part of the image and forming a square. The sphere has a double outline — bold white and thin green.

There are two possible versions available — a flat two-dimensional one, which uses a darker and more intense shade of gray. And the voluminous icon, with lighter gradient green. The second option looks more timeless and elegant, while the first one is all about progress and growth

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