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Petronas is a state-owned petroleum company, established in Malaysia in 1974, which is in the global Fortune 500 ranking as one of the biggest gas and oil companies across the globe.

Meaning and history

Petronas Logo history


Petronas Logo-1974

According to the company, the shape of the Petronas logo represents “metaphoric and alpha glyphic nuances of an oil drop.” In addition to the oil drop, the emblem also symbolizes the letter “P” (the initial of the company’s name). The glyph is formed by the left side of the drop in combination with the triangle at the top.

The triangle also introduces “directional movement and dynamic.” The circle symbolizes “the wheel of the oil and gas industry” or “complete cycle or value chain of the oil and gas industry,” while the black trim of the emblem represents “a driving system, the energy which is to be derived from oil.”

The original color, emerald green, was inspired by the sea and land that hides oil and gas.

Logo Petronas


Petronas Logo-1990

The emerald green of the emblem was replaced by teal. Frankly speaking, both the colors are equally capable of representing “the sea and land.” Apparently, designers revisited the emblem just to make it simpler. This explanation can be supported by the way the updated lettering looks – it is also simpler than in the previous version because the writing “Petroleum National Berhad” has disappeared.


Petronas Logo-2013

The updated logo represents “the growth and progression of the Petronas brand,” according to the company. In fact, the design does not differ too much from its predecessor. You can notice the 3D effect and the slightly softened curves.

The wordmark has changed its position. From the top right corner, it has moved below the emblem to “enhance visibility and give prominence to the oil drop.” The type was simplified for the same purposes.

Petronas Logo


The Petronas logo has become flat once again. The softened shape of the drop and the size of the circle have preserved the same.

Logo Petronas

Font and color

The strong and laconic Petronas emblem has its lettering executed in a simple yet modern and stylish sans-serif typeface, which has quite a lot of analogs — Organetto Ultra Bold, Heavitas Neue Black, and Nexa Rust Sans Black. The traditional contours of the wordmark’s letters and the clean thick lines with classy geometric cuts make the name of the brand look solid and serious, and the dark gray color adds a sense of timeless elegance to the logotype.

The calm sea-blue shade of the light and modern Petronas emblem stands for tranquility and safety, showing the company as a responsible and trustworthy brand, which values quality and aims to provide its customers with only the best. The dark gray color of the lettering only elevated this look and point to the professionalism and authority of the brand.