Petronas Logo

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Petronas Logo
Petronas is a state-owned petroleum company, established in Malaysia in 1974, which is in the global Fortune 500 ranking as one of the biggest gas and oil companies across the globe.

Meaning and history

Petronas Logo history

Being ranked 158 by Fortune, PETRONAS has a very strong and powerful visual identity.
The PETRONAS logo is composed of a nameplate and an emblem, which is also used separately from the wordmark, as an icon.
The PETRONAS nameplate is executed in all capital letters of the traditional sans-serif typeface with bold and strong lines.
The famous PETRONAS emblem is a graphical interpretation of oils drop, which is executed in different tones of turquoise and looks three-dimensional due to it.
Logo Petronas
The first PETRONAS logo was designed in 1974 and featured the drop with the letter “P”, the brand saved the original idea, but today it is executed in a stylish and modern way, showing the brand’s expertise and professionalism.
The turquoise color palette of the logo reflects the PETRONAS professionalism and loyalty, evoking a sense of reliability and trustworthiness.