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OMV is an integrated international oil and gas company headquartered in Vienna, Austria. Founded by the Austrian state in 1956, it is now partly privatized with the Austrian government retaining a substantial interest. OMV operates primarily in the energy sector, engaging in the exploration, production, and refining of oil and gas. The company has a significant presence in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in international markets including the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Meaning and history

Omv Logo history

OMV was established on July 3, 1956, when the Austrian state founded the company to ensure the country’s energy supply independence. Since then, OMV has grown into a prominent player in the global energy market. Throughout its history, OMV has achieved numerous milestones such as the expansion into the North Sea in the 1970s and its entry into the downstream business with the acquisition of a refinery network in the 1980s. One of the company’s most significant achievements includes pioneering techniques in enhanced oil recovery and the strategic expansion into the gas business during the 2000s.

In recent years, OMV has focused on sustainability and innovation, investing in renewable energy projects and cutting-edge technologies to reduce its carbon footprint. Today, OMV stands as a major oil, gas, and petrochemical producer, known for its commitment to energy efficiency and environmental stewardship while maintaining robust financial performance and expanding its market reach.

What is OMV?
OMV is a globally operating oil and gas company that focuses on three core activities: exploration, production, and refining of petroleum and natural gas. The company also invests in sustainable energy and technological advancements to meet future demands.

1956 – 197?

Omv Logo 1956

The 1956 OMV logo features a simplistic yet impactful design in a bold teal color. The logo is dominated by a large circular outline with a stylized “M” at its center, framed by an inverted trapezoidal structure that adds a unique architectural element to the design. The “M” is accentuated with diagonal lines, giving it a dynamic appearance as if it is rising. The circle encompasses the entire design, symbolizing completeness and unity, while the teal color conveys a sense of calm, reliability, and innovation. The overall structure and balance of the logo suggest a company that values precision and forward-thinking. This logo, with its clear and strong geometric shapes, reflects the industrial strength and stability of OMV during its early years.

197? – 1985

Omv Logo 1970

The 1970 OMV logo adopts a more contemporary and streamlined aesthetic, using a vibrant red color to command attention and convey energy and passion. The logo features the initials “ÖMV” in a bold, sans-serif font, with the “Ö” designed to resemble a stylized person or an abstract representation of a mechanical component, highlighting the company’s human-centered approach and technological prowess. The red color signifies strength, power, and determination, suggesting OMV’s dynamic growth and robust presence in the industry. This logo’s modern typography and striking color choice reflect OMV’s commitment to innovation and progress during the 1970s, emphasizing its forward-looking vision and energetic corporate identity.

1985 – 1991

Omv Logo 1985

The 1985 OMV logo showcases a distinctive and modern design in blue, incorporating abstract geometric shapes. The initials “ÖMV” are creatively represented with a circle, square, and triangle, each with a diagonal slash, forming a unique and memorable composition. The blue color signifies trust, professionalism, and stability, aligning with OMV’s reputation in the energy sector. The geometric forms suggest precision and technical expertise, while the green line beneath the initials adds a touch of environmental consciousness, hinting at the company’s awareness of sustainable practices. This logo’s innovative and abstract approach symbolizes OMV’s adaptability and cutting-edge technology during the mid-1980s.

1991 – 1995

Omv Logo 1991

The OMV logo from 1991 features a distinct and modern design in dark blue, incorporating geometric shapes to form the initials “ÖMV.” Each letter is represented by a circle, square, and triangle, respectively, with diagonal slashes adding a sense of movement and precision. Below these shapes is a thin green line, emphasizing OMV’s commitment to environmental consciousness. The word “Gruppe” in a clean, sans-serif font appears beneath the line, indicating the company’s group structure. The combination of dark blue and green colors conveys stability, reliability, and ecological awareness, reflecting OMV’s dedication to innovation and sustainability in the early 1990s.

1995 – 2024

Omv Logo 1995

The three-colored OMV logo is the primary one, although you can also come across a black-and-white version. The emblem combines the name of the company given in two ways. First, there is a stylized lettering “OMV” in blue.

In fact, the glyphs are formed by three shapes: a circle, a square, and a triangle. Each of the shapes has a white gap (a parallelogram). The simple images are a visual representation of what the company calls the basis of their brand identity on the official website: “OMV supplies the energy that is an essential part of our lives.”

As deciphering the company’s name out of the blue shapes can be a problem, the design team decided to add a perfectly legible wordmark in black under a green bar.

In addition to the version described above, there is also one with the slogan “The energy for a better life.” The lettering can go either in English or German. It is always positioned to the left of the primary OMV logo and features Arial Bold.

2024 – Today

Omv Logo

The current OMV logo represents a significant departure from its predecessors, embracing a contemporary and dynamic design. The logo features the initials “OMV” in a bold, dark blue font, symbolizing trust, authority, and stability. Adjacent to the initials is a modern, green abstract symbol that combines curves and straight lines, suggesting movement and growth. The green color highlights OMV’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the energy sector. This logo’s fresh and dynamic look reflects OMV’s adaptation to the modern energy landscape, emphasizing its forward-thinking approach, commitment to renewable energy, and ongoing transformation in the 21st century.

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