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OMV is an integrated oil and gas company based in Vienna, Austria. It was established in 1986. The number of employees is over 20,000.

Meaning and history

Omv logo

The three-colored OMV logo is the primary one, although you can also come across a black-and-white version. The emblem combines the name of the company given in two ways. First, there is a stylized lettering “OMV” in blue.
In fact, the glyphs are formed by three shapes: a circle, a square, and a triangle. Each of the shapes has a white gap (a parallelogram). The simple images are a visual representation of what the company calls the basis of their brand identity on the official website: “OMV supplies the energy that is an essential part of our lives.”
As deciphering the company’s name out of the blue shapes can be a problem, the design team decided to add a perfectly legible wordmark in black under a green bar.
In addition to the version described above, there is also one with the slogan “The energy for a better life.” The lettering can go either in English or German. It is always positioned to the left of the primary OMV logo and features Arial Bold.