Sunoco Logo

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Sunoco Logo
Sunoco is a motor fuel distribution company from the USA, which was established in 1886 in Texas and today is a part of Energy Transfer Partners Group.

Meaning and history

Sunoco Logo history

Sunoco has a very rich history, dating back to the end of the nineteenth century. The current brand’s visual identity is still based on the logo version from the 1890s.
The first Sunoco logo was designed in 1984 and featured a yellow rhombus with a blue “Sun Oils” wordmark in it. In 1920 the emblem was redesigned by adding a red arrow. Since then the logo was only slightly modified.
The current Sunoco logo is composed of an iconic brand’s emblem with a bold and bright wordmark on it.
The emblem features a yellow rhombus with a blue outline and a red arrow behind it, located diagonally in the South-East direction.
Logo Sunoco
The Sunoco wordmark is executed in a blue modern typeface with rounded angles and a sharp bar of the letter “N”.
The Sunoco logo is a reflection of the company’s movement and dynamics, its progressive approach alongside with professionalism and authority. The red arrow is a symbol of energy and passion, core elements of the Sunoco brand philosophy. It is a tribute to the brand’s roots and heritage, yet a perfect representation of its future.