Transformers Logo

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Transformers Logo
One of the most popular media franchises was born in the 1980s, when the toy lines Microman and Diaclone were created in Japan. The toys were an immense success, and shortly after the Transformers TV series started.

Meaning and history

Transformers Logo history

From that time on, Transformers could be seen on the toy shelves in many countries, and because of this the brand is sometimes called “evergreen”. For instance, in the US the periods when the toys disappeared from toy shops have never lasted for more than a year and a half.
There have been several versions of the Transformers logo, as it has been tweaked with every new page of the story. The earliest known version was split across two lines and featured a combination of grey and a dark shade of red. Also, there was a picture of a Transfomer’s face at the end of the first line.
The Transfomer’s face was present in some of the versions, but more often, the wordmark has been given without this symbol. The current Transformers logo is written in a single line.
There have been quite a few emblems connected with different generations and types of transformers (Clench, Security Services, Emirate Xeon, Ultracon etc.). The two most well-known cross-franchise logos are those of the Autobots and Decepticons.

Autobot symbol

Autobot symbol
There is every possibility that the author of the symbol was inspired by the head of Prowl’s toy. In the Marvel Comics, the image is referred to as the “Autobrand” and is considered to resemble the face of the Last Autobot. Also, we should point out that in the original animated series, the same symbol referred to the Quintesson slave brand.
The Autobot symbol has not stayed the same, it has been given a quite a few facelifts depending on the visual concept of the series. However, the overall shape and the basic lines have always stayed the same, providing visual identity.

Decepticon emblem

Decepticon emblem
Most certainly, the source of the emblem was Soundwave’s toy’s head. As for the cartoon series, it probably came from the same source as the Autobot symbol.


Font Transformers Logo
The logo features a solid all-cap typeface. Generally, the type is clean and easy-to-read, yet it has several elements making it unique and recognizable. Probably the most noticeable of them is the letter “A”, which resembles a triangle where one side is “half-open”.


Color Transformers Logo
The current wordmark is given in red, while the previous one featured several shades of metallic grey as well as a black outline. Both the logos are written against the white background.