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Walkman is a brand of legendary portable music players, designed by Sony. Walkman sold over 200 million units since its launch in 1979 and until the its production was discontinued in 2009.

Meaning and history

Walkman Logo history

The brand’s name reflects an opportunity of listening to the favorite music while walking. It was a revolution in the industry.
The Walkman logo is unique and iconic. It is one of the most recognizable brand emblems in the world.
The nameplate in custom typeface is symmetric and futuristic, with straight lines, and is perfectly balanced by a blot-style emblem of the letter “W” with a dot.
Walkman logo
The Walkman logo was created by Japanese designer Hiroshige Fukuhara, he also drawn the famous logotype, and Mouhammad Alnajjar created a typeface called “Walkman”, which perfectly replicated the original drawings.