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Küppersbusch is a German manufacturer of stoves and ovens. It was founded in 1975 by Friedrich Küppersbusch under the name “Küppersbusch & Söhne”. In 2016 the company became one of the “Major German Brands”.

Meaning and history

Küppersbusch logo

The Küppersbusch logo is an example of strict and high-quality German style. Fine confident lines of its typeface on a black background look and feel monumental.

Simplicity of the serif font and monochrome palette are the elements that make the Küppersbusch logo timeless and elegant.

Logo Küppersbusch

The Küppersbusch logo shows its brand as a successful company, combining traditional technologies, high quality of materials and outstanding design in its products.

The brand is well known and highly respected in the industry for its fundamental approach and rich heritage