Beko Logo

Beko Logo
Beko is a Turkish brand of household appliance manufacturing company, which was founded in 1955 by Vehbi Koç and Leon Bejerano. The brand is a part of Koç Holding and is one of the largest European producer of consumer electronics.

Meaning and history

Beko Logo-history

The Beko logo is a bright blue all-lowercase wordmark with a diagonal underline
It is laconic and energetic, there is a sense of youthfulness and dynamics, created due to the underline.
The wordmark is executed in custom bold typeface, which is close to Myriad font, but was redrawn by the designers.
The bright blue Beko color reflects the brand’s targeting on young audience and innovations. The Beko logo is friendly and young, evoking the sense of progress and moving forward.