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DTS is an abbreviation standing for Digital Theater Systems, which is a producer of audio equipment and technologies, established in 1990 in the United States. Known to be the main competitor of Dolby Digital, today DTS is owned by Xperi Corp.

Meaning and history

DTS Logo history

The visual identity of the famous audio technologies developer is bright and memorable. The text-based logo has no graphical additions, there is not even a frame or a tagline, but its color palette makes it look modern and cool and allows placing it on any background, which is very important, as it appears on the screen when the technology is used in the movies.
The DTS logo is a simple inscription in the lowercase. The three letters are executed in a sleek custom sans-serif typeface and are connected to each other, though not glued and have enough space to look fresh and crispy.
The smooth contours and rounded angles of the letters, and the stylized wide “S” become even chicer in the unique orange and yellow gradient palette. It starts from the intense orange on the left of the letter “D” and gets dark yellow by the end of the “S”. The transition from shade to shade is very soft and delicate, so when you see the logo on the screen it looks glossy and vivid as if the sun shines on it.
DTS logo
The DTS logo is all about the color and solidness. Its thick massive letters are perfectly balanced and its color scheme makes the whole emblem happy and sunny. It is simple yet powerful, and will always be like that, as there are some timeless things that don’t have to be changed.