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Singer is a brand of domestic appliances, which was established in 1851 in the USA. The company is popular due to its sewing machines range, which became America’s iconic product.

Meaning and history

Singer Logo history


The Singer’s visual identity is bright and friendly. Being a domestic appliances brand, it featured red color as a main. It is a symbol of warmth and comfort.

The Singer logo is composed of a wordmark with an emblem on its left. The wordmark in all the capital letters is written in a bold serif typeface, which has a retro feeling and makes the logo look nostalgic and nice.

The brand’s emblem is a three-dimensional oval badge with a thick frame and a letter “S” in the center. The background of the emblem features the same pink-red color, as the wordmark, while the “S” is white and the framing is silver.

1870 – 1961

Singer Logo 1851
The original Singer logo, created in 1951, stayed with the brand for many years and became synonymous with quality and precision. The emblem from the middle of the 19th scenting featured a bright yet elegant combination of a very detailed monochrome image of a lady sewing at the table and a bold red letter “S” placed over the image. The white sans-serif “Singer Sewing Machines” inscription was written on the red body of the “S”, adding a modern and professional touch to the whole composition.

1961 – Today

Singer logo

The “S” signifier features the same typeface as the main inscription but looks fresher due to the switched palette. The gradient gloss of the emblem makes it resemble a candy.

The Singer logo is bright and memorable, it is a perfect color and style choice for the brand of such profile. It evokes a sense of trust, reliability, and friendliness.

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