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VRChat is the name of the software, created in 2014 by Graham Gaylor and Jesse Jourdey, as the virtual-reality video-chat application. Initially, the program was conceived exclusively for “live” communication using virtual reality devices. The idea of the developers was simple — to create a VR analog of Skype, in which users can gather in conferences to discuss a variety of issues.

Meaning and history

VRChat Logo history

IT developers from the United States in 2014 released a free multiplayer game VRChat, which was supposed to become an analog of Skype in the world of virtual reality.

Initially, the program was conceived exclusively for “live” communication using virtual reality devices. The idea of the developers was simple – to create an application in which users can gather at conferences to discuss a variety of issues.

The developers developed the idea of customization and introduced so-called avatars that have animated limbs, track eye movements, and even lip sync.

This basic concept formed the basis of the program but evolved over the months. VRChat gained new features and gradually gathered a large community around it.

Three years later VRChat exploded the Internet – the application was downloaded from Steam by millions of users. The frenzied popularity was not accidental: famous YouTubers were interested in the project, and they streamed through VRChat, gathering crowds of viewers.

Today, VRChat is a large meta-universe with hundreds of thousands of players. In it, users can communicate, hold events, and exhibitions, play mini-games, conduct lessons in digital spaces, stream, and much more.

2014 – 2016

VRChat Logo 2014

The original logo for VR Chat was introduced in 2014 and became a basis forfuture redesign. It was a rectangular dialogue bubble in a thick black frame, with a solid gray background, where the black lowercase “VR” in a futuristic geometric sans-serif was followed by a solid black banner with the gray uppercase “Chat” written across it.

2016 – Today

First and foremost is chat, in which players communicate using a microphone. Virtual worlds are provided for this purpose, which can be either a small room or a large city. It is not uncommon for players to bring entire locations from other games into VRChat.

The main thing about this software is the variety of backgrounds and sceneries for your group or personal chats. Any location is possible to use for the convo, and that is why the application became that popular among users from all over the globe.

VRChat Logo

VRChat is a free application for which you only need to have Steam, where the application is downloaded. By the way, the game also works in a Non-VR mode, so buying a pricey device is not necessary

As for the visual identity concept of VRChat, it is very modern and minimalist, executed in a black-and-white color palette, not to switch the attention from the colorful possibilities of the application.

The VRChat badge is based on a horizontally stretched rectangular dialogue bubble, outlined in black and having its angles rounded. On the left part of the white badge you can see two black capitals “VR” in a bold modern sans-serif typeface, and on the right — a solid rectangle with rounded corners and white “Chat” written over it in capitals of the same sans-serif font.

For the icon, the application uses a shortened version of the badge — a square bubble with a bold black outline and just two black capitals “VR” on it.

Font and color

The bold uppercase lettering from the primary VRChat logo is set in a bold rounded sans-serif typeface, which looks stable and at the same time friendly. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Placardreg Next, or Gineso Soft, but with some visible modifications of the contours.

As for the color palette of the VRChat visual identity, it is based on a combination and black and white, and with this simplicity the brand compensates for the brightness of the colorful universe one can find when joining the application.