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BAE Systems is the name of the aerospace company from the United Kingdom, which was established in 1999 and today operates worldwide, providing its customers with various products and services in fields of aeronautics, defense and security.

Meaning and history

The BAE Systems’ visual identity is laconic and simple, yet looks bright due to the use of contrasting colors, red and white. The color palette of the logo is the only decorative thing here.

The BAE Systems logo is composed of a white inscription placed inside a scarlet-red horizontal rectangle. Written in all capitals, the nameplate is executed in a bold strict sans-serif typeface, which looks similar to Franklin Gothic Heavy and Ryman Gothic black fonts.

BAE Systems Logo

Sometimes the logo is placed on a dark gray background, in this case, the company’s visual identity gets a stronger and a more solid look, evoking a sense of power and masculinity.

Usually, the logo is placed on white, with no additions, but sometimes it is complemented by a light and delicate tagline — “Inspired Work”, also in all capitals and using a lighter version of the main typeface.

The BAE Systems logo is minimalist and strict, it looks professional and serious, but its brightness evokes a sense of passion and inspiration, making the company’s values of progress and quality stand out.