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In spite of its simplicity, the Vlone logo is recognizable and commercially successful. You’ll have to pay a lot more for a clothing item with the lettering “Vlone” than for the same clothing item without it.

Meaning and history

Vlone Logo

“You live alone, you die alone” – this is what the Vlone brand stands for. It was established by three co-founders, A$AP Bari and A$AP Rocky of the hip-hop collective A$AP Mob, and CLOT’s Edison Chen. According to Bari, the brand belongs neither to streetwear nor to high fashion; it’s rather a lifestyle brand. One of the major influences on the brand’s DNA was Harlem, the part of New York where A$AP was created.


logo Vlone

The primary Vlone symbol features the name of the brand in a highly legible serif typeface. The proportions of the letters are unusual; the glyphs are taller than they should be. The word is divided into two unequal parts with the help of colors. Whatever color the “lone” text is, black or white, the “V” is always given in a different, bright color, including red, green, blue, and more.

The “Friends –“ emblem

emblem Vlone

You might have seen T-shirts, hoodies, and other items featuring the text “Friends –“ and wondered what’s the meaning of the lettering. According to A$AP Bari, the minus sign means “zero,” so the text just means “Zero friends,” “No friends.” To put it simply, it’s just another way of saying “alone” or “vlone.”

In some versions, the minus sign is placed in a circle, while in others there’s no circle frame around it. The point is, without the frame the minus has often been overlooked, which made the statement of the logo unclear. When the round frame appears around the “-,“ it draws a person’s attention to it, making him or her think about what it could mean.

The “V” symbol

symbol Vlone

There’s one more version of the Vlone brand logo. It can be seen on the back of the clothing items with the “Friends –“ sign. There’s a large letter “V” in an unusual type imitating an inscription made on the wall. You can sometimes see another version of the same emblem, where the “V” is placed inside a circle.


While the font of the regular Vlone logo is comparatively traditional, the “V” emblem has a more distinctive look. The glyph seems to have been taken from the typeface called Bundy Yellow.


Color Vlone logo

The color of the emblem depends on the color of the clothing item it is placed on. If the background is black, the lettering “LONE” is typically white, while on the white background the lettering is black. The “V” may go in varying bright colors. As for the “Friends -“ and the “V” insignias, they are typically given in orange or black.