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Energie is an Italian brand of casual and street wear, which was established in 1989. The brand was one of the first in Europe to use street culture for its fashion collections. Energie is also known for its sunglasses and accessories.

Meaning and history

Energie Logo history

The Energie logo is a wordmark, full of individual character and confidence. Its sharp geometric typeface adds dynamics and progressiveness.

Before 2001

Energie Logo old

2001 – 2003

Energie Logo 2001

The color palette of the logo is black, white, orange and yellow, where the bright colors are used only in one element — the graphical representation of the second “E”. The letter is drawn as a yellow arrow, placed in a red circle. This is a symbol of power and energy.

2003 – now

Energie Logo

The eye-catching and recognizable Energie logo is strong and warm, showing the brand’s youthful and slightly rebellious spirit, its movement forward and values of experiments and new knowledge. It is a simple yet creative and bright visual identity, which perfectly reflects the brand’s philosophy.