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Vlad y Niki are the main characters of the YouTube channel of the same name, on which two brothers, their mother Victoria Vashketova, and younger brother Christian play together and shoot vlogs from their travels. Now the whole family lives in Miami. Their combined account has more than 87 million subscribers.

Meaning and history

Vlad and Nikita (Niki) are two brothers whose channel on YouTube appeared quite recently, in April 2018. But everything started a bit earlier, as, before the appearance of a common profile of the brothers, there was a channel called Vlad Crazy Show, the main character of which, was the older Vlad. However, in 2017, the channel was blocked, and it was a real shock to everyone – owners and fans.

The audience of Vlad Crazy Show at that time had more than 9.4 million people, the number of views passed the mark of three billion, and monthly earnings from commercial views alone amounted to more than 100,000 USD. But there was one serious issue with the channel: its creators were repeatedly criticized and accused of instilling in children a love for junk food and big brands, which were often advertised in the channel’s videos, and at some point, YouTube cut off their air.

But that didn’t stop the family who ran Vlad’s blog, and in a short time, Vlad and Nikita’s new channel became one of the most popular on Russian YouTube. Now the number of subscribers of Vlad and Nikita living in America reached 87 million, and the total number of video views is 11 billion. Producing funny videos for YouTube brings them about 150,000 USD a month.

To expand the audience, guys started to film their videos in English: they talk about toys, transform into superheroes, have foam parties, and show how they spend their time at the zoo or the sea – in short, do what every child dreams of.

What is Vlad y Niki?

Vlad y Niki is a popular YouTube channel of two Russian brothers, Vlad and Nikita, which was established in 2018, and by today has gained more than 87 million subscribers from all over the globe, and the brothers make their videos in English.

In terms of visual identity, the Vlad y Niki YouTube Channel logo is based on two bright colors, orange and blue, with the names of the brothers larger and decorated by small graphical elements.

2018 – Today

Vlad y Niki Logo

The Vlad and Niki logo, used by the YouTube Channel, features a stylized enlarged lettering with the names of the brothers, written one above the other, in a three-dimensional sans-serif font against a background, horizontally separated in two halves — orange and blue. The outlines of the letters are also set in this palette, while the bodies of the characters use smooth light gray gradients. The letter “A” in “Vlad” and “N” in “Niki” is decorated by two abstract human figures, and the whole inscription has some small graphical icons in yellow, blue, and green, overlapping the borders.

Font and color

Vlad y Niki Emblem

The heavy and stable lettering on the Vlad and Niki logo is set in a custom sans-serif typeface with massive three-dimensional letters featuring clean geometric contours. The letters are set in two levels, with some of the characters slightly slanted in order to add motion and fun to the whole composition.

As for the color palette of the Vlad and Niki visual identity, it is based on two shades, like the channel is based on the cooperation of two brothers. These shades are blue and orange, which together create a very vivid and bright combination, standing for motion, energy, happiness, and joy.