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The University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California, sponsors 21 athletic teams. The women’s teams may be referred to as either the Trojans or Women of Troy.

Meaning and history

Southern California Trojans Logo history

Tracing its origins to the early foundations of the University of Southern California’s athletic programs, the Southern California Trojans emerged as a formidable force in college sports. The genesis of these teams aligns with USC’s ascent in the academic world, marking a journey that began in the 20th century. Notably, their football team has etched a remarkable narrative in NCAA history, claiming numerous national titles and showcasing a legacy of excellence. The Trojans have also shined in track and field, with a history peppered with Olympian athletes, and their baseball team has made significant strides, contributing to the overarching success of USC sports.

As time progressed, the Trojans have not only sustained but also amplified their stature in the realm of collegiate athletics. Their football squad, synonymous with resilience and superiority, continues to rank as a formidable contender nationally, frequently grooming athletes for the NFL. This enduring success is a testament to USC’s unwavering dedication to athletic brilliance, bolstered by strategic investments in state-of-the-art facilities and a cadre of elite coaches. The Trojans’ narrative is one of persistent dominance and evolution, mirroring the changing landscapes of college sports.

What is Southern California Trojans?
Embodied as a symbol of athletic prowess, the Southern California Trojans represent the University of Southern California in the echelons of NCAA Division I sports. Renowned for their storied past and commendable achievements, especially in football, track and field, and baseball, they epitomize collegiate sports excellence. The Trojans stand as a beacon of high-caliber athletic performance, continuing to nurture elite athletes and uphold their prestigious position in national rankings.

1976 – 1983

Southern California Trojans Logo 1976
The name Trojans conjure up Ancient Greece and its legendary wars. So it is hardly a surprise the Southern California Trojans logo could play with this theme. And yet, while it was prominent on the old emblem, the current one is neutral in this respect.

1983 – 1993

Southern California Trojans Logo 1983
The 1983 logo was styled more like Olympic rings. There was the acronym ‘USC’, written in orange letters with red rims, except the bottom half of ‘S’ was extended into a circle. Other than that, it was a normal wordmark.

1993 – 2001

Southern California Trojans Logo 1993
The old signature featured the head of a warrior wearing a helmet and headdress. On the current USC Trojans logo, which was introduced in 1993, there are only the interlocking letters “S” and “C.”

2001 – 2016

Southern California Trojans Logo 2001
They kept the previous lettering, but added a word ‘Trojans’ right above. The font was a cursive, hand-written style with the same color scheme.

2016 – Today

Southern California Trojans logo
This design is exactly the same as the ’93 one.

Southern California Trojans Colors

HEX :#990000;
RGB: (153, 27, 30)
CMYK: (7, 100, 68, 32)

RGB: (255, 199, 44)
CMYK: (0, 19, 89, 0)

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