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Gildan is a label of sport and casual wear from Canada, which was established in 1984. Mostly known for its t-shorts, the brand also produces and distributes socks for many renowned footwear brands.

Meaning and history

Gildan Logo history

Gildan is one of the world’s biggest basic apparel manufacturer, it is also a wholesaler of plain cotton clothing to other fashion brands.

The Gildan logo is composed of a wordmark with a graphical element inside. The wordmark in all capital letters is written in a custom sans-serif font with bold smooth lines.

1984 – 2015

Gildan Logo 1984

2015 – Today

Gildan logo

The left corner of the letter “A” is rounded, as well as the right in the “N”, while “G” and “I” are strict and sharp and “L” has its angle softened.

The gray curved line is going through the wordmark, starting on the left, behind the lettering and coming out through the letter “A”, creating a gray circle in it.

It is an interesting and unique representation of the brand’s dynamics and value of progress and innovations. The logo is simple, yet recognizable and has an individual character.

Gildan logo emblem

The blue and gray color palette of the Gildan logo is a symbol of the reliable and professional brand, with its expertise in quality. It is a reflection of the company’s confidence and stability.