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Vichy is the name of a famous French cosmetics brand, manufacturer of a wide range of therapeutic cosmetics based on thermal water, which prevents aging and has a rejuvenating effect. The label was established in the early 1930s, and today the hypoallergenic products of the brand can be found in pharmacies all over the globe.

Meaning and history

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Vichy is one of the brands that belong to L’Oréal. Vichy offers skincare, body care, make-up, and anti-aging products in the premium segment. Vichy products are made based on the unique composition of thermal water from a spring located in the French town of Vichy at a depth of 4 thousand meters from the surface.

The brand works closely with specialists in dermatology, nutrition, and gynecology. Vichy laboratories are one of the oldest cosmetic laboratories in the world. This is where new formulas are developed – hypoallergenic and most effective, able to adapt to the different needs of the skin.

Highly effective natural and synthetic ingredients are used to make the products, capable of influencing the functional activity of skin cells.

The Vichy products are designed to take good care of the skin of women of all ages living in different conditions. After all, age-related features and the environment have a strong effect on the skin. Scientists also take into account the effects of stress, lack of sleep, improper and unbalanced diet.

This effect can only be achieved through constant cooperation with dermatologists, gynecologists, and nutritionists. All these specialists provide valuable and important information about the health of women at different periods of their lives.

What is Vichy?
Vichy is a French cosmetic brand, which was established in 1931, and acquired by L’Oreal in 1955. The brand is known for its therapeutic skincare, which has thermal water from the Vichy spring in each of the formulas. Today the Vichy creams and cleansers are distributed all over the globe.

As for the visual identity, Vichy is very constant and laconic. The brand uses an uppercase logotype in black or light gray, which can sometimes be accompanied by graphics, depicting thermal water, or a tagline.

???? – Today

Vichy Logo

The Vichy logo has a clear and strong structure. It can be one of the ways to convey the brand’s core promise – make your skin stronger and more beautiful. In fact, to look great, the skin just needs to be young and healthy, and there is no need for decorations. The designers behind the logo conveyed this message by choosing a very simple type without any curves or embellishments. The line forming the glyphs has an equal width at any part of the word.

The clean and distinct sans-serif typeface of the Vichy wordmark is very close to such fonts as Futura Pro Medium and Humanist 521 Std Roman.