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Color Street is a globally-famous beauty brand, which was established by Fa Park in 2017. The company is known as the pioneer in adhesive nail-polish stripes, which was a revolutionary product in the international market.

Meaning and history

Officially the Color Street brand was founded in 2017, but the idea for the company’s product dates back to 1984. Then Fa Park, the future founder of Color Street, saw a woman sitting in a cab trying to get her nails done. At that moment a revolutionary idea for the beauty industry was born.

Seventeen years, dozens of patents, and millions of dollars later, Park created that very innovative solution, the adhesive nail polish strip.

In 2005 Park received his first official wholesale order, 1,000,000 strips of nail polish for Avon. Then there was a succession of collaborations with different companies, including Sephora, Sally Hansen, OPI, and others.

In fact, Color Street kits are a quick and high-quality alternative to salon manicures. Each kit contains 16 double-sided strips, a file, and wipes to prepare the nails for the procedure.

What is Color Street?
Color Street is the name of one of the most successful multi-level-marketing beauty brands, which was established in 2017 in the United States, and today is distributed all over the globe, being one of the top 100 global MLM companies. The brand offers innovative products of high quality.

In terms of visual identity, Color Street has been loyal to the logo, and designed it in 2017, as it perfectly reflects the essence of the brand, and looks very modern and eye-catching.

2017 – Today

Color Street Logo

The Color Street badge, designed in 2017, is based on two-leveled lettering, written in bold white lines against a dark-gray background, with the top line in lowercase, and the bottom — in all capitals. The upper level of the wordmark is executed in thicker lines. The two levels of the lettering are separated from each other by six solid dots in different colors.

Font and color

Color Street Emblem

The bold and distinctive lettering from the primary logo of Color Street is set in a modern geometric sans-serif typeface with clean contours and straight cuts of the lines. The closest fonts to the one, used in this insignia, are, probably, Kontora Medium, or ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro Book.

As for the color palette of the Color Street visual identity, it is based on the combination of white and gray, representing the professional and reliable side of the company, and six bright colors — red, yellow, sky-blue, navy, fuchsia and purple, which reflect the essence of the brand and the wide palette of its cosmetic solutions.