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Tampax is a brand of tampon created by Dr. Earle Haas in 1931 and is currently owned by Procter & Gamble. Today the products of the brand (apart from tampons Tampax also manufactures daily pads) can be found on the shelves of the stores in more than a hundred countries across the globe.

Meaning and history

Tampax Logo history

Today it is impossible to imagine life without feminine hygiene products, such as pads and tampons. And when we hear “tampons”, we hear “Tampax”. The brand, which has become synonymous with women’s personal hygiene, was created in 1931 by Dr. Earl Haas. In 1936 the brand became the property of Tampax Incorporated, and in 1997 the company was acquired by multinational Procter&Gamble Company, which immediately expanded the distribution of Tampax products to all the continents.

Tampax is one of three hundred brands of the multinational corporation Procter&Gamble. This brand is used to produce feminine hygiene products.

The name Tampax was derived from two words – tampon and packs. Back in 1936 Tampax was recognized as the best means of feminine intimate hygiene. To date not much has changed, and tampons of this brand surpass all similar products in the world in terms of sales.

Tampax cares about its customers’ well-being and comfort, this is why uses only natural ingredients manufacturing its products. The brand has several types of tampons in its range, but all of them are equipped with a special applicator, which is also a distinguishing feature of the Tampax tampons.

What is Tampax?

Tampax is the brand of feminine intimate hygiene products brand, which was established in 1931, and acquired by Procter&Gamble in 1997. Today it is the most famous brand of tampons in the world, with its product being sold in more than 100 countries on all continents.

In terms of visual identity, Tampax has been very consistent and loyal to its original ideas. Since at least the 1990x, the Tampax logo has preserved its overall style, although some details have been updated. However, the calm and comforting blue and white color palette have been kept unchanged for decades.

1990 – 2003

Tampax Logo-1990

The Tampax logo, designed in 1990, stayed with the brand for more than a decade. This version features the word “Tampax” in large, bold blue capitals. The type is a sans serif one, with massive geometric contours, straight cuts, and sharp angles of the lines.

2003 – Today

Tampax Logo

The redesign of 2003 has softened the Tampax badge, adding elegance and femininity to the logotype. The wordmark grew somewhat lighter, partly due to the more delicate type, partly due to a slightly different shade of blue. And yet, the modifications were rather subtle and did not affect the overall design.

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