Macys Logo

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Macys Logo
One of the world’s most famous department store chains, Macy’s has a distinctive logotype, which consists of a red five-pointed star and the company name in lowercase letters.

Meaning and History logo

Macys Logo history

The company started working as a small dry goods store in 1851 in New York City. It was named after its founder, R.H. Macy.
The earliest versions of the Macys logo were not as sleek as the current one – they comprised the full name of the company – “R.H. Macy & Co.” And that wasn’t all! The logo used in 1920-1931, for instance, also included the full address.

Old logo (1932- 1982)

Macys logo
In 1932, the era of more minimalistic logotypes started. The first emblem from this series featured the word “Macy’s” with the capital “M.” The letters were white with a black outline; the background was also white.
In the 1948-1986 version, the “M” was also capital, while the typeface was different and the letters were black. It was then that the famous Macy’s star appeared – it was used instead of the apostrophe after the “y.”
While the star remained in the logos used from 1961 to 1970, the typeface was different. One of the symbols introduced during that period bore a remarkable resemblance to the current logo. Not only did it start with a lowercase “m,” but it also featured letterforms based on the circle shape, very much like the current wordmark. In 1970, the insignia was replaced by a red one with bolder letters, which made it less legible. Moreover, in this version, the star disappeared.

Symbol in 1982–2004

Macys symbol
Over the following couple of decades, there was some experimenting with the shape and weight of the letters, as well as the kerning. It wasn’t until 1993 that the star reappeared in the Macy’s logo.

The 2004 emblem

emblem Macys
What is Macy’s logo now? Generally, it looks very much like the lowercased wordmarks of the previous era, though the lines of the letters are thinner now. The black apostrophe-star after the “y” is still there. But now, the overall look of the logo is somewhat different because of the big red star to the left of the wordmark. Due to it, the logo becomes distinctive and more eye-catching.

Red star logo

Macy's red star logo
Apart from the full version of the logotype, another version can be used, featuring only the red star (without the wordmark). Typically, it can be seen on shopping bags, in advertisements, and on social media.


The typeface has a lot in common with the font called Avant Garde Gothic (in its Extra Light version). The geometric sans serif type was created by Herb Lubalin and Tom Carnase.