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Venom is an American film, directed by Ruben Fleischer and published by Sony Pictures in 2018. The movie was by storied by Jeff Pinker and Scott Rosenberg, edited by Maryann Brandon and Alan Baumgarten and screened by Pinker, Rosenberg, and Kelly Marcel. The main roles were given to Tom Hardy and Michelle William. After the release, Venom had received a large popularity, collecting $850+ million with a budget of approximately $100 million. The film has the Venom: Let There Be Carnage sequel and the third part in development.

The plot describes a story of a Marvel Comics super character, Venom. Researching space, bioengineers from Life Foundation discover four parasite lifeforms covering a comet. Further exploration has shown that these symbiots prefer oxygen-breathing hosting organisms, especially humans. The Life Foundation scientists start secret illegal human tests.

After a line of events, one of these parasites merges with the organism of Eddie Brock, an investigate journalist, researching the Life Foundation’s activities for a long time. This leads to Venom, a monstrous creature with a humanoid body, which can jump to large heights, run as fast as the car goes, and make crushing blows to its enemies. Venom can easily swallow up Brock, but he also has his own goals. If Eddie helps the monster, Venom agrees to spare Brock.

What is Venom?
Venom is a 2018 superheroic action movie describing a plot about an eponymous Marvel Conics character. Directed by Ruben Fleisher, the film describes a story of an investigate journalist Eddie Brock, gaining powers after becoming the carrier of an alien creature, whose species plans to take over the human race. The movie cast is Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom, partnering with Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Scot Haze, and Reid Scott. The movie was released in October 2018 and raised $850+ million. It has the second part and the third part in production.

2018 – today

Venom Logo

The movie’s logotype is just its nameplate, written without any background or additional elements.


Venom Emblem

The name has a capitalized sans-serif script with small intervals in between. It has a brutal style, with the letters looking metallic. The first ‘v’ has its right bar elongated and shortened. It’s also enlarged. The ‘n’ and ‘m’ letters have the similar features – their right bars are slightly elongated.


Venom Symbol

As the film has a brutal image, making a monstrous creature the main hero, the color palette depicts horrendous metallic gray shade.