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Vanish is a brand of stain removing products. While the brand is based in the Netherlands, you can buy the products in many European countries, as well as in India, Australia, Russia, South Africa, and Latin America. The brand belongs to Reckitt Benckiser.

Meaning and history

Vanish Logo history


The history of the brand started in 1983.

1992 — 1999

Vanish Logo 1992

The oldest Vanish logo on the list bears something in common with the current one. Similar to the current logo, it has a prominent capital initial, while all the other letters are lowercase. The type is a simple, rather bold, legible sans. The letters have shades and trim adding some depth.
The signature pink background is already there.

1999 — present

Vanish Logo 1999

The angle at which the wordmark is positioned has changed, which added a more optimistic touch. There is more motion in this logo, due to the dynamic shape of the “V” and the multiple swooshed. The rainbow symbolizes the company’s promise to preserve the original color of the clothing.

2016 — present

Vanish Logo 2016

In some markets, a different version is used. Here, the rainbow is shorter and less prominent. The “dot,” which should have been positioned above the “i,” has moved up and is now placed at the ends of the “V.” Due to its position and shape, it gets an additional symbolic meaning – it is now a “magic” small particle that removes stains from the clothing.
Also, in this version, the blue is darker, while the shape of the letters is more rounded.

2019 — 2021

Vanish logo 2019


The Vanish wordmark is placed over a pink ellipse. The purple “dot” has grown larger (to stand out over the background of the same color) and has been moved lower, to its traditional place above the “i.” It has a “shiny” quality now.

2021 — Today

Vanish logo


The type is highly legible and not overloaded with details. The “V” introduces the dynamic theme, while the streamlined shape of the letters with their rounded ends supports it.


Pink has been the brand’s signature color starting from the 1993 Vanish logo. In 1999, the rainbow element was added, to represent the promise that the liquid will remove the stains without removing the colors. Also, the wordmark is blue, which symbolizes water and (therefore) cleanness.