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Joico is a cosmetics brand specializing in hair care products. The brand, established in California in 1974 today is owned by the Japanese Shiseido Group and managed by Sara Jones, a legendary figure in the world’s beauty salon industry.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1974, JOICO launched its first products in 1975. The haircare based on evolutionary natural keratin protein, which had no analogs on the hairdressing market was a real breakthrough in the industry. These products were the first in the world to be able to repair damaged hair by saturating it with additional amino acids from NKR.

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At the first stages, the production was limited to small batches, only for the brand’s salons. But the customers were so impressed by the results of the products that Joico began to produce a line of hair care products for retail sale.

Joico is a world leader in professional hair care. And no wonder, that another world leader, Shiseido, decided to buy it. The brand has created as many as 10 top product lines and offers quality and effective products for all styles of hairstyling and gentle, restorative hair care.

Joico’s goal is to provide professional and quality service to their clients in beauty salons. Their team considers the hairstyles and products they create to be not a job, but the company’s shared passion for beautiful and healthy hair.

What is Joico?

Joico is an American hair care brand, founded in the middle of the 1970s in California and currently owned by Shiseido Group. The brand offers its customers professional hair care and styling products of the highest quality, creating innovative formulas for incredible results.

In terms of visual identity, Joico chooses minimalism yet adds individuality and has its bold and solid monochrome badge recognizable and unique. The black lettering on a white background can change its palette when placed on the packaging of the products, but the laconic approach is always there.

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Joico Logo

While the Joico logo is basically just the wordmark, the initial “J” is more than a letter. Its soft curve seems to have been inspired by the waves formed by the hair. In this way, the wordmark adopts a pictorial quality. We can add that all the glyphs share the stylish simplicity characteristic of the “J”. The initial can be used as a standalone emblem. Typically, it is given in white inside a black box.

The custom sans-serif typeface of the Joico insignia is something in between strict modern Wedding Gothic ATF Bold and smooth Montag Black, although it also looks close to Avayo Deme Bold type, but with some contours modified.