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PeriPera is a renowned South Korean cosmetics brand, celebrated for its vibrant and youthful makeup products. Currently, it stands out in the market with its iconic lip tints, eyeshadows, and other makeup essentials. With a primary focus on the Asian market, PeriPera has started to gain traction internationally, appealing to the younger demographic with its playful packaging and innovative formulas. The brand is a subsidiary of Clio Cosmetics, a major player in the K-beauty industry. With its continuous growth and unique approach to beauty, PeriPera is on its way to becoming a global household name in cosmetics.

Meaning and history

PeriPera, a name inspired by the Persian fairy ‘Peri’, began its journey in the South Korean beauty world with an aim to sprinkle fairy-like magic into everyday makeup. The brand’s inception was driven by a passion for youthful and playful cosmetics, breaking the mold of traditional beauty standards.

Launching as a standalone brand, PeriPera quickly caught the eyes of consumers with its distinctive packaging, marrying whimsy with functionality. In a short span, it was recognized for its lip tints, a product that became synonymous with the brand. These tints, which offered long-lasting colors in various shades, became a massive hit among the younger crowd.

However, it wasn’t long before PeriPera caught the attention of beauty conglomerates. Clio Cosmetics, a leading South Korean cosmetic company, identified the potential in PeriPera and decided to acquire it. This acquisition allowed PeriPera to tap into Clio’s vast resources and expertise. Under Clio’s umbrella, PeriPera expanded its product range, incorporating advanced formulations and innovative technologies.

The production aspect also underwent significant evolution. Originally relying on domestic manufacturing, the brand gradually expanded its production capabilities to cater to the growing international demand. This move was strategic, ensuring that PeriPera products met global standards while preserving their unique K-beauty essence.

Ownership and leadership, under Clio Cosmetics, remained consistent, ensuring stability and a clear direction for the brand. The symbiotic relationship between PeriPera and Clio allowed both brands to flourish, share market insights, and co-develop products, propelling them to new heights in the cosmetic industry.

Over the years, PeriPera has not only retained its original spirit but also embraced evolving beauty trends. It has collaborated with various artists and influencers, further solidifying its presence in both domestic and global markets.

Today, PeriPera stands as a testament to the power of innovation, strategic partnerships, and a deep understanding of consumer desires. From a young brand with fairy-tale dreams to a global K-beauty sensation, PeriPera’s journey is a story of passion, evolution, and success in the ever-dynamic world of cosmetics.


PeriPera Logo

The image showcases a playful and modern logo, reading “peripera” in a vivacious pink hue. The typeface is smooth with rounded edges, exuding a youthful and energetic vibe.  The choice of bright pink color further emphasizes the brand’s vibrant and lively essence, making it memorable and instantly recognizable. Overall, the logo encapsulates a blend of simplicity, style, and modernity.