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Vancouver Whitecaps is the name of a Canadian football club, which was established in 2009. Today one of the Major League Soccer teams, nicknamed The Village, is owned by Greg Kerfoot and coached by Marc Dos Santos.

Meaning and history

Vancouver Whitecaps logo

The Vancouver Whitecaps logo was designed in 2010, a few months after the club’s foundation, and one year before the club joined Major Soccer League. The team’s badge in blue and white is sharp and minimalist, it perfectly reflects the club’s name and shows it as a professional and dedicated one.

The Vancouver Whitecaps logo is composed of three narrowed rhombuses, which are located the following way: two of them are placed in one horizontal line, corner-to-corner, and the third one is enlarged and overlaps them.

All three figures feature a deep blue background and a thick outline, which is white in its upper half and light blue in the bottom one. This is how the Whitecaps depict their name. The fridge part of the framing reminds of the sharp snow peaks, evoking a cool and fresh feeling.

The “Vancouver Whitecaps FC” wordmark in white is set in three levels and placed across the geometric badge, in its central line. The inscription boasts a clean and bold geometric sans-serif typeface, which looks modern and very confident.

Vancouver Whitecaps Colors

HEX COLOR: #04265C;
RGB: (4,38,92)
CMYK: (100,91,34,30)

HEX COLOR: #94C2E4; 
RGB: (148,194,228)
CMYK: (40,12,2,0)

HEX COLOR: #84868C; 
RGB: (132,134,140)
CMYK: (51,42,38,4)

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