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Saint-Etienne is the name of a French football club, also known under the nickname “Les Verts”, which translates to English as “The Greens”. The club was established in 1933 and today it plays in Ligue 1, being one of the strongest teams, and has Claude Puel as the head coach.

Meaning and history

Saint-Étienne Logo history

The famous French club got its nickname for a reason — their visual identity has always had green as the main color of the palette. Though all the versions of the club’s emblem feature completely different styles and compositions, the green has never left Saint-Etienne’s logo.

1960 — 1988

Saint Etienne 1960

The emblem designed for the club in 1960 was composed of a bright green square shield in a gold outline. Inside the big shield, there was a smaller one with a vertical stripes pattern in white and green, where each stripe was also outlined in gold.

The “ASSE” lettering, standing for “Association Sportive de Saint-Etienne”, was written in gold on a white horizontal rectangle which was overlapping the shield.

The green, white, and gold color palette of the logo was bright and vivid, it reflected the active and progressive team, willing to move and win.

1988 — 1993

Saint Etienne 1988

The gold color of the Saint-Etienne palette was replaced by black in 1988. It was a completely new style and concept, where the animal mascot appeared. It was still the shields-shaped badge, but a smooth and narrowed, more elegant one. The green color gained a new darker shade, which looked more professional and strong.

The green shield in a thin black outline featured a wide white diagonal going through it from the bottom left corner to the top right. The black panther was coming out of the white line, watching left, it was holding a white football with thin black lines.

The “A.S.S.E.” Lettering in white was placed in the top of the badge, above the pan-ther’s head, while the “St-Etienne” inscription in black small letters was located under the animal image, on a horizontal white line.

1993 — Today

Saint Etienne logo

The logo we all know today was designed in 1993, and for today it is the longest-lasting emblem of Saint-Etienne football club. It is a bold green circular badge with a thin Star on top of it. The White Star has a blue, red, and white outline, celebrating the colors of the French national flag.

Inside the bold green emblem, there is a smaller white circle with a vertical stripes pattern in green and white and a horizontal rectangle with “A. S. S. E.” inscription in a thin modest sans-serif typeface.

Around the green perimeter of the emblem, the white “Saint-Etienne Loire” inscription is placed. Executed in the same lightweight sans-serif it adds freshness and balanced the look of the logo.