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Lil Peep is the scenic name of the famous American rapper, Gustav Elijah Ahr, who was born in 1996 in Pennsylvania, and died in 2017 due to a drug overdose. Lil Peep started his musical career in 2015 with his debut EP and mixtape, and just a few months before his tragic death he released his full-fledged album “Come Over When You’re Sober”.

Meaning and history

Lil Peep Logo
Based on his musical taste Lil Peep, by combining the genres of emo-rock and rap, got his unique sound, as well as recognition. At a certain period, the rapper became a member of the associations “GothBoiClique” and “Schemaposse”, which were distinguished by their exceptional styles of members.

Suicidal and depressive songs predominate in the artist’s work, among which themes of breakup or love for girls are often touched upon. The musical sound is melancholic and slow. Lil Peep was not afraid to experiment and mix different styles of audio: guitar notes and hip-hop — all this is present in the artist’s work.

Despite Lil Peep’s death, the works recorded during his lifetime continued to be released with the help of his friends and colleagues.

The scenic life of the musician was pretty short, so in terms of visual identity, it was not intense at all, with only one official emblem created throughout the years.

It was a handwritten logotype in monochrome, with the letters in ink, having the thickness of the bars uneven. Almost all letters in both words, except for the second “L” in “Lil” were connected to each other, but not in a traditional way.

The uppercase inscription had only one letter in the lowercase, the “I”, although it featured the same size as all other symbols of the wordmark. The dot above it was replaced by a hand-drawn cross, which was slightly slanted to the left.

The Lil Peep logotype was most often drawn in black on a plain white background, but sometimes it could be seen in a pink and white color palette or was written in white lines over a black background.

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